14 Lamps

I set out to build a lamp everyday for two weeks.
Each day either building a light from scratch or completing an unfinished project from my studio.
Here are the results!

If you are interested in any of the pieces, feel free to reach out! Some designs may have already sold, but I’ll be taking commissions to revisit them. Also, you can see what else I have available in my shop.

no. 1

Loopy legs lamp

This one has a small bent-wire frame that is held together in tension by washers and nuts. When paired with a bamboo shade, it emits a diffused amber glow.

dimmable via cord

no. 2

Copper Candle

In many cases, the simpler an object is, the more thoughtful its joinery has to be.
I spent day 2 figuring out the joints for this copper candle concept. The copper pipe has hidden protrusions that are friction fit into the wooden base, and the wire armature was connected to the base via a small cable clamp.


Opal Candle

Day 3 was spent finalizing the form of this opalite lamp.

This lamp demonstrates the way an opalescent material can color light. As a focused beam passes through the opalite, the shorter wavelengths of light (blues and greens) refract and color the sphere, but the reds and oranges pass through unfazed and hit the lens poised above.

dimmable via touch
open to commissions*

no. 4

Silo with stone

An older design, revamped with a concrete touch dimmer.

I had a rounded stone with a nice hand feel that I wanted to use for the dimmer so I made a silicone mold of it and cast the shape in concrete with the electronics inside. Concrete is actually mildly conductive! so it’s able to register the slight change in change in electric charge required for the dimmer to work.

dimmable via touch